AC Hotels is a luxury hotel owned by Mariott. Our goal was wrapped around the simple slug line “Beauty Lies In The Details.” The design of AC Hotels places a focus on all the little, beautiful things that it sophisticated. The concept followed the creation of a single new glass, designed specifically for a Gin and Tonic cocktail, presented by Nigel Barker, an AC Hotel ambassador. We would follow the production of the glass from initial sketching to finished product in one continuous journey.


We had to cover multiple environments covering wide shots of the locations down to the fine details of the glass. We scaled our footprint down so we could have more shooting time and move to more real locations. We went to a glass blowing facility in Brooklyn and a bar at an AC Hotel. We dressed in a warehouse with a lot of daylight for the other sets. Joe visualized VFX transitions, so we would essentially start each shot on a macro(ish) shot of the fine details and end wide. This meant he and the DP, Nico Aguilar, had to be very particular on their lens choices. After a camera test they settled on two specific Panavision anamorphics and a close focus macro.


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Jerad Anderson

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Laurent Leccia

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Martin Babitz

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Tyler Zelinsky

Malica Chehrzad

Matt Webb

Nico Aguilar

Holly Trotta

Eric Quintana

Ashley Owens

Emily Edgar

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Frame 48

Tom Teller


  • Shot in New York, NY.

  • 3 day shoot on location

  • Shot additional interview with Nigel Barker.