ACE Rail was looking for the next generation’s vision of the future of rail.  The 30-second spot was to showcase the future, design, features, and amenities of train travel. The story focuses on a modern reality integrated with mobile technology.  After some research, we discovered a major motivator for commuting by train: life doesn’t stop. Work, family, and peace are all accessible while on the train and people can get more done leading more productive lives. Our camera always moves forward, just as the lifestyle of the commuter.


We shot this at the beginning of January in Northern California. I teamed up with some friends in the local film community from my hometown, as well as brought on some collaborators from LA. We filmed it over two days. The first day was all the shots onboard the train, and the shots at the station. Day 2 was all of our exterior shots and a variety of plates. The altamont has sort of an iconic image of hills and energy fans so I wanted to be sure they had a strong presence whenever we were inside the train looking out. So we were able to use the VFX plates to composite the desired image outside the windows.





Director of Photography

Editor / VFX

Sound Designer

Music Composer

Nick Erickson

Nick Erickson

Ian Trueb

Rick Granados

Yuki Noguchi

Nick Erickson

Cameron Bashaw

Cameron Bashaw


  • 2 day shoot.

  • Filmed in or around San Jose, CA, and Stockton, CA.