ASUS "MEMO PAD" (2014)


"Perfect Shot"

Production Company

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Production Manager

Director of Photography

Production Designer

Wardrobe Stylist



James Khabushani

RJ Collins

Jerad Anderson

Cameron Dutra

Nick Erickson

Luis Estrada

Greg Cotten

Maya Levy

Jamie Westfall

Matt Kendrick




A new product by Asus and Intel was brought to the production company for a series of spots. We had four total to shoot. They were intentionally straying from reality and a little goofy, so we needed a funny cast and a spacious location that could accommodate a variety of sets because we didn’t want each new spot to be repetitive of the one prior. We only had 2 days to shoot, and could not afford the time of any company moves. Cameron has a great background in filmmaking so we were able to prioritize pretty effectively and be sure we spent the time we had on what counted.





We needed the right house that could accommodate all four spots, so location scouting was probably the most challenging process in prep. Casting went pretty straightforward and we were happy with who we ended up with. The bigfoot costume was an agency select, so I remember shipping that from Washington. We cast a guy who was 6’8” or something like that. The set dressing was minimal because we lived with a lot of what the house already had. It was mostly smalls, wall hangings, and some furniture. Nothing too crazy for camera and lighting. We placed a lot of attention on product of course, and with the rest of the elements these spots came together.


  • We filmed 4 spots in 2 days.

  • Filmed in Pasadena, CA.