Honky tonk bar. Dance choreography. Stunts. Extras. One day on location. Price’s aesthetic reference was that of the 1980 film Urban Cowboy, and he had a long lineup of gags that we just wanted to hit. Volume and authenticity was the goal for this.


We were on a tight budget for this, at least for what we wanted to achieve. We had a big list of elements, a small production team, and not a lot of time to make this come together. I’m a big believer of “the fastest way to do something, is to do it right the first time.” We had to pull triggers on items that matched Price’s vision and stay ahead of schedule, otherwise we would have drowned in problem after problem. We had a small crew, but a really fast one. We needed a team that could get hands on and just get it done. For the volume, we maintained a nimble approach to the lighting and shot with two cameras. In the end, it all came together and we got everything the director asked for.


Production Company

Record Label

Anthem EP

Anthem EP

General Manager


Prod Coordinator

1st AD

Director of Photography

Production Designer

Wardrobe Stylist

Stunt Coordinator


Price James

Anthem Films

Sony Music

Djay Brawner

Blake Greenbaum

Nicole Swedlow

Nick Erickson

Chris Madrigal

Niko Philipedes

Alexander Alexandrov

Nick Faiella

Monique Vitan

James Zahnd

Danny Dolan


  • 1 day dance rehearsal, 1 day shoot.

  • 2 camera shoot on location.