Lindsey was on tour in Europe during this particular opportunity. We had to chase her a bit while she was between her Stockholm and Oslo shows, so we could film on location in Norway. Lindsey had recorded a cover track from a new video game release, Dragon Age. The story was fantasy and called for epic, other-worldly vistas. So Joe was drawn to the rocky fjords of Norway, but there were so many options so the goal was to find the right place, meet Lindsey there, and bring a camera. Later we would integrate all the CG and turn into the fantasy world we were going for.


We shot this at the very front of October, and in Norway this would be considered borderline the end of the season where one might ponder if it was good idea to film there at all. It was very cold, and very windy most of the time. I connected with a local fixer out there (Nils), who had actually spent time working out in LA. He was the perfect ingredient, because he knew the cadence of filming in Norway and the US. Five Americans, including myself, traveled to Oslo about 3 days prior to shoot. We were so beholden to the weather, we had to have multiple contingency locations in mind. We ended up chasing the sunniest spots in Norway that also offered the mountainous look Joe was going for. We landed on a mountain peak called Dalsnibba, which overlooked the small town of Geiranger, right at the tip of a beautiful fjord. #fjordlife This was 6.5 hours north of Oslo. We had to fly Lindsey directly from Stockholm on a charter flight to a small airstrip about 1.5 hours west of Geiranger. So she landed there with her parents and I had our local guide pick her up in a land rover, that was rated to drive on the windy road terrain to get to us. A lot of pieces needed to fall into place to make this happen. When the first shot rolled, I could only hear the wind and I looked out onto a breathtaking view of the fjord, kilometers deep, with the sun peaking through the clouds. We made it.

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James Khabushani

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Nils Ole Refvik

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  • Filmed in Norway. Mountain top of Dalsnibba. Lodged in Geiranger.