Kohler/Sterling "Well Made" (2017)


Kohler asked us to showcase the design and functionality of four different Sterling products in a lifestyle brand video. They would construct the sets and we would make them look pretty and feel human.


We sourced, cast, and hired almost everything and everyone in Wisconsin. They have a great community of filmmakers and crew out there, and in some unique cases we would bring people in from Chicago, which is only a couple hours away. For the budget, we condensed everything to a 1-day shoot. In order to do this, we had one pre light day so all the sets were mostly ready to shoot in advance.


Production Company


Whitelist EP


Production Manager

Wisconsin Fixer

1st AD

Agency VP/ECD

Agency Sr. Manager Production

Agency Producer

Agency Copywriter

Agency Art Director

Agency Account Supervisor

Director of Photography

Art Director

Wardrobe Stylist

Make Up Artist

Joe Sill


Kohler / The Beacon

Jerad Anderson

Nick Erickson

Tyler Zelinsky

Nicholas Langholff

Ed Johns

David Crawford

George Friedman

Katie Bryan

Steven Hansen

Jennifer Anadell

Logan Triplett (LA)

Nico Aguilar

Gene Reuter

Shanna Stackle

Kim Goodwin


  • 1 day stage shoot in Kohler, Wisconsin. Filmed in studio "The Beacon."

  • All products constructed by agency, decorated by production.