Kopari Beauty "Compliments" (2018)


Create a spot that blends light hearted comedy with beauty. Make it relatable and funny by showing heightened scenarios of women giving compliments to each other.


When steered away from glam fashion and stuck to beauty in casual settings. We wanted to keep it relatable in the casting, finding women that had great comedic timing and some experience in improv. During the shoot we focused on performance and soft skin tones.

Creative Director

Client Producer


Production Manager

Production Coordinator

Director of Photography

Art Director

Wardrobe Stylist


Melissa Blaser

Kellie Cuttrell

Nick Erickson

Tyler Zelinsky

Camille Benton

Trevor Forrest

Julia Reeser

Sarah Kensell

Laurel Metzler


  • 1 day shoot in La Jolla, CA.

  • 2 locations.

  • Internal job with client, provided production consultation and supervision.