All one shot. The red brick never moves. We jump through time as the kids get older and older, maturing in their particular flavors of lego build sets. Once again, I loved the specificity here.


The legos in the finished product were all CG. We shot motion control in stage for one day. We had the set built and and lit in advance. We programmed the shot first thing, and then would repeat the same shot with new set design and slightly older kids each time. The motion control, provided by Camera Control, allowed us to export the camera motion metadata and send out to Maya for Ember Lab (VFX) to work with. Outside the window was blue screen (or green?). We shot some takes with placeholder legos, some takes with no legos, and some takes with no actors just for plates. In the end, it all came together.



Production Manager


Red VP

Red CD

Red Producer

Red Copywriter

Production Company

Executive Producer

Director of Photography

Production Designer

Wardrobe Stylist


VFX Company

VFX Producer

VFX Supervisor


Sound Design

Sound Mix

Original Music

Joe Sill

Nick Erickson

Tyler Zelinsky

Red Interactive

Andrew Feldman

Romeo Cervas

Jesse Romero

Jon Forster


Jerad Anderson

Nick Roney

Tye Whipple

Jamie Westfall

Joe Sill

Ember Lab

Josh Grier

Hunter Schmidt

Andrew Finch

Jackie Zhou

Sound Bridgade

Trevor Doherty


  • 1 day build, 1 day pre light, 1 day shoot, 1 day strike.

  • Filmed in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Filmed with motion control Milo dolly/crane systems.