Lindsey laid out a treatment for us to review that was pretty detailed creatively, but left us open to a variety of ways to execute it. So we identified three (really four) “looks”, each with a different order for hair/makeup, set design, props, lighting, and camera style. So our goal was to extrapolate Lindsey’s vision and figure out how to shoot it all in one day.


We filmed this at Youtube Space LA, which is unique compared to other sound stages. Overtime isn’t an option there because we have to be hard out at 9pm. And the place books fast for a lot of other Youtube content creators so that usually means another production is going in as soon as you’re out. We had two days in total with the stage, so the first day we focused only on set build and pre light. By the end of the first day we had dialed in the lighting for most of the shoot, or at least got it close. This allowed us to maximize on our time with Lindsey. She was directing on this one too, so that meant we had to have a lot of communication between the hair & makeup room and set, since she usually spends a good portion of her day changing looks while we’re moving gear and set dressing between setups. It was a full shoot day, but Lindsey usually knows what she wants so we were able to shoot a lot and for a performance video that’s the idea. I think she got what she was looking for and our team was able to support her vision throughout the process. Pretty smooth shoot.


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  • 1 day set build / pre light, 1 day shoot/strike.