Having worked with Lindsey many times before it was familiar territory and there was a shorthand. This time, we were representing Lindsey in the world of a fantasy video game that she composed the soundtrack for. The game design was based on mediterranean landscape, so the goal was to structure a small location shoot that did this on the budget and in the month of January. There was a variety of in-game elements that we needed to include.


Shooting anywhere in the northern hemisphere is tricky in the month of January. I had worked with location manager, Yorgos Varagoulis, multiple times in the past and reached out to him for his suggestion, being a Greek native. He began work on preparing a preliminary scout for locations Crete had to offer so we could sell that through to the client and to Lindsey. What other beaches had to offer, Crete offered something extra. It had an age to it; a level of ancient history that was a bonus to building the world of the video game on camera. So after talking with Alissa, we decided to take a small team out to far away locations to find stunning visuals.


Production Company


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Production Manager

Greece - Producer

Director of Photography

Wardrobe Stylist


Alissa Torvinen


Friends At Work

Jerad Anderson

Matt Griffo

Nick Erickson

Tyler Zelinsky

Yorgos Varagoulis

Bryant Jansen

Samantha Burkhart

Brit Phelan, Lindsey Stirling


  • 2 day tech scout, 3 day shoot on location in Crete, Greece.

  • Worked with local fixer to obtain crew and equipment from Chania and Athens.