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We had 4 spots to shoot, all set to a jingle. The lyrics of the song rhymed and it was already recorded prior to the shoot so this meant we really had to shoot exactly what was storyboarded, and not miss anything. And we only had three days to do it. Alissa knew that we wouldn’t have a whole lot of screen time per shot, so the characters would have to be easily identifiable visually in an instant. For instance, the cupcake baker would have to be, with no question, in fact, a cupcake baker.

















I’d say we got to be loud on this one in a fun way. The production design could be loud, and so could the costumes. It was a very hyper and happy batch of spots we were making. Almost everything was on wheels on this shoot. We had to shoot 21 different shots in 21 different set pieces, each with a different lineup of elements. So that’s a lot of jumping around. We maintained a light and nimble crew so we could hit all of these locations and get the shots we owed the clients. It was a challenge scheduling because every time we needed to do a schedule change, it meant calling actors, booking specialty gear, and a bunch more considerations. And we ran into some rain on Day 1, which mean we had to move one of our shots to a completely new location on Day 3. Part of the process. In the end, we got the shots we needed and got the client what they were looking for!


  • Filmed over 3 days. 21 scenes, each with completely different requisite of elements.

  • Filmed in Los Angeles, CA.