Prosaro "Legend of a king" (2017)


The agency asked us to combine a number of elements in one fluid approach. The hardest part was to combine different geographical locations and blend it to make it seamless as one, while keeping the costs manageable.


The agency worked with two units for two different locations. The interior scenes were shot in Los Angeles where we had access to numerous production resources and control. This was essential to execute the dynamic transition shot that transports the characters to a magnificent wheat field. There are no magnificent wheat fields in Southern California, so these shots were all captured with a small crew out in North Dakota, where acres of harvest-ready wheat was available for us to film in. We had to hand craft the “hero crown” for the agency based off a digital mockup. The greatest challenge for this was to create a physical prop that was similar in visual to their original design. Some things in the physical world don’t always translate to the digital, so we spent a lot of time putting this essential brand element together.


Production Company



Bully EP

Yarn EP

Line Producer

Production Supervisor

Production Coordinator

1st AD

Agency CD

Agency Producer

Agency Copywriter

Agency Account Supervisor

Director of Photography


Art Director

Wardrobe Stylist

RJ Collins

Bully Pictures (LA Unit)

Yarn Media (North Dakota)

Rhea + Kaiser

Jason Forest

Rob Burke

Nick Erickson

Tyler Zelinsky

Natalie Testa

George Nessis

Jack Voss

Mary Ann Holecek

Steve Knapp

Kelsey Knapp

Logan Triplett (LA)

Greg Cotten (North Dakota)

Alec Contestabile (LA)

Dagmarette Yen (LA)


  • 1 day stage shoot on location in Los Angeles. Separate unit in North Dakota.

  • Hand crafted "hero crown" made out of seeds, grain, and wheat stalks.