PURE IMAGINATION - featuring the muppets, josh groban, and lindsey stirling (2015)


How fun! The Muppets!?!? Lindsey Stirling!?!? Josh Groban!?!? It was SUPER fun. And that was really the main part of our mission. Have fun. Tell the story. Dan and Bobby wrote up a beautiful story. It was the kind of treatment where you forget about the moments prior and you don’t really know how you got there because you’re just so overwhelmed with joy. Having said that, there are a lot of considerations when shooting with The Muppets, so we had to be very conscious of the unique cadence and be ready to work with the best of the best when it comes to puppeteering. We came in with an open mind and placed our emphasis on the narrative.


We were incredibly honored to work with a large portion of the Muppets production team. Most of our meetings were all about story and the script, as it should be. Occasionally we made some light suggestions to keep the scope at a realistic and achievable level. The best advice I think I got from their producer was, “However long you think that will take to shoot normally, the Muppets will take 3 times as long.” The set ups were intricate with monitoring. Every puppeteer had 1, maybe even two monitors just for him/her. We had about 20-30 8’x4’ sheets of steel deck, so we could elevate sets and get the puppeteers under the “ground level” of the camera. It was a challenge, but a blast. The Muppets really do come alive. Lindsey and Josh were also great. All we had to do is give them a stage to perform in. Their talents came across on camera very quickly. This was my third video with Lindsey. Very thankful she brought me along on it!

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  • 2 day stage shoot.

  • Filmed at Youtube Space LA.