SHELL "HELIX" (2016)


Seamless transitions, continuous motion, different locations, and cars. The idea was to create one shot, but spread over multiple locations so we could see the car traversing through multiple environments supported by the amazing chemical makeup of Shell oil. Your car takes care of you, so take care of your car.


Joe knew exactly the piece of gear he wanted-- the carbon arm. That paired up with Doggicam’s motion control power slider would get us the shots and feel we were going for. I think the gear was the first thing he showed me before any of the creative. The decisiveness was appreciated because we whipped this together in about 7 prep days! We reached out to the Electric Theatre Collective to partner with us on the visual effects and it was a terrific experience. We were in really good hands throughout the whole process. We filmed over 2 shoot days. We had two cars, one for the exterior camera rig on the carbon arm, and the other for the interior shots on the power slider. We prepped the cars the day in advance and programmed our shots with the cars parked, this way we could repeat the same shots later with the cars in motion. We shot 2 exterior shots and 2 interior shots per day, so 2 shoot days total. Day 2 was a split for the night stuff. I would say the majority of the time was spent traveling or moving to the locations we wanted to film in.


Production Company


Whitelist EP


Production Manager

Production Coordinator

1st AD

JWT ACD / Copywriter

JWT ACD / Art Director


JWT Director Integrated Production

Principle Driver

Director of Photography

Motion Control Systems

Power Slider Camera Operator A

Power Slider Camera Operator B

Camera Support


VFX Company



ETC Producer

VFX Supervisor

Joe Sill


JWT - Atlanta / London

Jerad Anderson

Nick Erickson

Tyler Zelinsky

Jennifer Goodridge

Jesse Hays

Troy Leyanaar

Daniel Prado

Jeremy Jones

Peter Blitzer

Craig Hunter

Nick Roney


Tim Arasheben

Frank Buono

Carbon Arm

Ruban Guberek

Electric Theatre Collective

Kate Hitchings

James Drew

Serena Noorani

Eric Pascarelli


  • 2 days on location.

  • Filmed in or around Los Angeles and Barstow, CA.

  • Filmed with carbon arm to mount exterior car shot, and doggicam power slider motion control systems for interiors.