Skechers "Flex" (2012)


We had one day to shoot this. We needed to find models that Skechers would approve, but also had real gymnastics experience, because they didn’t like the idea of using a stunt double. The idea was that the gymnastics would show off the flexible nature of the sole of the shoe. The key elements were product, models, and stunts.


The location the client wanted to shoot at was right in the middle of downtown Long Beach, so it was rather difficult to get the approvals needed from the local businesses in order to shoot there. We ended up blocking an intersection with hard closures extending about 100-200 feet in each direction. We shot on a technocrane so we could position the camera at a low and high angle with ease. A 2-man stunts team worked with the models each time to ensure it was all conducted safely. Their feet had to plant on the marks each time wherever we placed the camera.

Production Company




Director of Photography


Cardinal Media

Job Hall

Nick Erickson

Mark Bella

Rob Hauer

Commonwealth Pictures


  • Filmed in Long Beach, CA.

  • 1 day shoot.