This was mostly a brand and fashion piece for an athletic line of shoes by Skechers. Job came up with a list of exercises, and then Skechers would bring the style. Our job was to make it all look sexy.


I had a large cyc painted black in our sound stage. Job wanted the colorful products to really pop against the black background. We pre-lit the stage so it could accommodate the zones where the action would take place. For one setup we had the talent on a wire harness so we could get shots featuring the sole. We also had an elevated panel of plexiglass that was sturdy enough for someone to walk on. The whole spot was shot with the camera living on a technocrane for quick repositioning and dynamic movement.

Production Company


Line Producer

Director of Photography

Cardinal Media

Job Hall

Nick Erickson

Tom Banks


  • 1 day stage shoot.

  • Los Angeles.