Sound Blaster came to us for their new flagship product line, the EVO Series gaming headsets.  They wanted to showcase the on-the-go, multiplatform aspects of the product, without losing their market in overly technical mumbo jumbo.  Style and use case were very important factors. They asked one of their sponsored pro gamers, Mike Ross, to star in the spot. We would introduce Mike in his day-to-day, but end with a gaming battle slightly out of the reality. We were going for the Fight Club of gaming competitions.


We shot for 2 days on location. The first day was the sidewalk, the house, and the product shot. The house was being decorated while we started with the exterior. So a company move didn’t really slow us down much. Day 2 was all about the much more sizeable set up for the warehouse. We shot on steadicam and made sure to have wipe transitions cover each of the cuts. Our crew Day 1 was fairly small, about 15-20 people. Day 2 we brought on a much larger crew of about 35.

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Production Manager

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Sound Designer

Colorist / VFX

Backyard Studios

Nick Erickson

Nick Erickson

Ian Trueb

Alex Romero

Luis Estrada

Basel Owies

Yuki Noguchi

Alec Contestabile

Ian Trueb

Cameron Bashaw

Tashi Trieu


  • 2 day shoot

  • Los Angeles, CA.

  • Features Mike Ross, video game celebrity.