Sound Blaster was unveiling a new product that was meant to empower the DIY artists and musicians with a need for quality on-the-go recording. So we wanted to humanize the passion for being an artist and target all the would-be recordists, who might lack the tools or the motivation to pursue their craft. We followed a small town success story, Lindsey Pavao, who was a finalist on the voice and had a steady following on social media platforms.


We had two days to shoot a variety of scenes in a variety of locations. I knew the scenes were small so we never wanted to spend too much time in any one place. We did the best we could to prep the interiors in advance so our camera could bounce from one set piece to the next. The camera on Lindsey would be handheld and more life-like, where the camera motion on the product and tech would be smooth on dolly or slider. We filmed in Sacramento, which is where Lindsey is located. Our crew was small enough to maintain a small footprint. Half our crew was Los Angeles based, and half from the Sacramento area.

Production Company

Executive Producer




Production Manager

Director of Photography

Production Designer



Sound Designer

Original Song

Backyard Studios

Ian Trueb

Nick Erickson

Nick Erickson

Rick Granados

Luis Estrada

Yuki Noguchi

Traci Hays

Nick Erickson

Tashi Trieu

Cameron Bashaw

Lindsey Pavao


  • 2 day shoot.

  • Filmed in Sacramento, CA.