Make Joe’s vision come to life. As opposed to many other Lindsey Stirling music videos, this one was entirely narrative, no performance. We had surreal imagery and out-of-this-world fantasy. So the objective was to…. Stay focused on the creative, and constantly make sure that all logistics were in service to that vision.


We had a meeting with the keys: Me, Joe, Roney, and Tye. The first thing we identified was one of the beautiful aspects of the concept, and that was that there were no rules. We got to make the rules. The world Lindsey would venture in could be whatever we wanted it to be. So I really wanted Joe to constantly feel like he was in a place where he could stay centered on what he wanted to see, and we would design the how portion from that. We shot 2 days in stage, and then a third day on location. Shooting one day on location was, I think, one of the best decisions. We almost shot that scene on stage, but it just wouldn’t have been the same. This was a point in Lindsey’s journey where she needed to find a natural and beautiful location, apart from the city and business of the world. I don’t think we would have got that if we shot in stage. We couldn’t find the vastness we were looking for in Los Angeles, so we ventured out to the Bakersfield, CA, area and filmed at the Wind Wolves Preserve.

Production Company

Executive Producer


Head of Production



Production Manager

Director of Photography

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James Khabushani

RJ Collins

Jerad Anderson

Joe Sill

Nick Erickson

Tyler Zelinsky

Nick Roney

Tye Whipple

Joe Sill

Joe Sill

Luc Delamare


  • 3 day shoot. 2 in stage. 1 on location.

  • Filmed in Los Angeles, CA.