The copy for this concept was presented with a stills shoot already in motion. We were asked to create a lifestyle spot that matched the print campaign, which was to be shot in Atlanta, GA, working alongside the stills photographer, Lisa Sciascia. After we shot in Georgia, a splinter unit of us traveled to Daytona Beach, Florida, to capture the shots of Mr. Tanger at brand new outlet mall the client was opening.


Four of us traveled from Los Angeles and the rest we hired locally. We coordinated with the location manager and agency prior to going out there. We had a lot of good recommendations for crew and scheduled a lot of phone calls to be sure we hired the right team. For fashion and lifestyle, it’s important to keep a bright and upbeat set. Most of the cast were models, and would default to a glamourous print performance, and then Alissa would dial back the performance a little for the video to make it feel a little more natural. Shooting alongside the stills team was a challenge to juggle and they were essentially their own unit. Our AD’s had to be in close communication to be sure the talent went to the correct sets, with the correct wardrobe, for the specific shots.


Production Company


Whitelist EP

Whitelist HOP


Production Manager

1st AD

Agency CMO

Agency CD

Agency AD

Sr. Brand Manager

Brand Manager

Director of Photography

Stills Photographer

Wardrobe Stylist

Makeup Artist

Hair Stylist

Alissa Torvinen



Jerad Anderson

Matt Griffo

Nick Erickson

Jennifer Goodridge

Evans "Griff" Griffin

Barbara McGraw

Shannon Petty

Ezgi Yersu

Marcia Schlehuber

Briana Gurley

Bryant Jansen

Lisa Scascia

Tamara Connor

Karen Tascon

Fernando Torrent


  • 2 day stage shoot on location. 1 day for pick up for shots of Mr. Tanger.

  • Filmed in Atlanta, GA, and a splinter unit in Daytona Beach, FL.

  • Produced in sync with print ad campaign.