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We implemented a two-camera shoot to cover the performances the most in each take. We only had two days to shoot three spots (one of which got canned for undisclosed reasons). So we needed to make the most of our time. When location scouting we looked for houses that offered a variety of styles and looks. A living room that looked like it was a different house than the kitchen. We placed a heavy emphasis on casting, locations, and providing the flexible shooting environment that would help us get the performances the director was looking for.


The creative called for an honest portrayal of family Christmas time with a twist of unusual circumstances. We wanted to force awkward tension to the extreme, but in a way we could all just laugh about it. The goal was to get natural feeling performances with flexibility for improvisation. The characters and the people were the focus.









  • 2 days on location.

  • Filmed in Los Angeles, CA.