For this we had to create custom branded bags built from scratch and we had to get it done in about two weeks so we could film with them in Mexico City. There were a lot of deliverables. We needed to shoot three 15-second spots, nine 6-second stop motion videos. 20 product banners, a stills campaign for the Trop bags, and 2 youtube bumpers. The goal here was content, and a lot of it. “Make it look it great.”


Tantor Films was the local production company working with VML, the agency. Step one was to create the hero branded bags and pins. We needed great looking bags and we didn’t have much time. Most bag designers require 6-8 weeks to create a bag, so that wasn’t an option for us. We had to fabricate the bags. The agency had about 8 months of development on the specific look of these bags so we referenced in detail a digital mockup. RJ and I worked with a sewing shop in LA very closely, even while in Mexico prepping the job. Once the bags were created in LA we transported them to Mexico City for the shoot. The rest was somewhat regular process of scouting, casting and shot design. It was great to work with the Mexican crew and would love to do it again!


Production Company


VML - Group Creative Director

VML - Creative Director

VML - Senior Producer

Director of Client Engagement


Executive Producers



Line Producer

Unit Manager

1st AD

Stop Motion Animator

Director of Photography

Art Director

Wardrobe Stylist

RJ Collins

Tantor Films


Nick Allegri

David Santiago

Susan Hatten

Abby Fraser

Nick Erickson

Ingrid Bragemann

Carlos Llergo

Paco Llaca

Joselo Hernández

Tony Regil

Carolina Brito

Jennifer Ruiz

Greg Cotten

Connie Martinez

Ifi Martínez


  • 3 day shoot. 4 locations, 1 stage.

  • Shot in Mexico City.

  • Supervised delivery of custom fabricated branded handbags.

  • Bags featured on billboard display at World Trade Center.