I think Joe wrote the concept for this spot at a similar time we were developing the Lego spot. It was supposed to be all one shot that follows the aspect ratio of a single 16:9 frame as we follow a film be storyboarded, developed, shot, and edited.


Looking to get a lot of locations for the value, and make our lives easy on set dressing the filmmaking tools, we elected to just go back to our old film school and shoot there. It had all the filmmaking facilities, the tools, and if anything, it felt nostalgic for us, since that’s where we first begun to learn the craft. Joe and I are both Chapman alum, as was a large portion of our crew. It was definitely a throwback, but it was the major piece to the puzzle for this smaller scale shoot where we needed to shoot 10 different set ups spread across campus in 1 day. Knowing we were going to be moving around quite a bit, we kept the footprint light and nimble.

Production Company

Executive Producer



Production Manager

Director of Photography

Production Designer



Original Music


Jerad Anderson

Joe Sill

Nick Erickson

Luis Estrada

Nick Roney

Tye Whipple

Joe Sill

Joe Sill

Trevor Doherty


  • 1 day shoot.

  • Filmed in Orange, CA.