We had two spots to shoot in one day. (Sorry but I don’t have the other one!) They were also very different spots. One was all product with smooth motion and graphics, the other was lifestyle and tabletop smoothies.


The main challenge here was to ensure we could make our day, since we had two very different spots to film. Basel had this one storyboarded all out. He wanted to be sure every composition was specifically planned so the motion graphics that would be integrated later fit right in. I was strictly focused on budget and logistics for this project. I had worked with Basel and Allen (the DP) many times before so my main goal was to get them the tools they needed. Sandler found a location through a connection and from there everything else landed right into place.

Production Company



Line Producer

Director of Photography

Production Designer


761 Entertainment

Basel Owies

Andrew Sandler

Nick Erickson

Allen Liu

Chelsea Turner

John Ficcadenti


  • 1 day shoot.

  • Filmed in Los Angeles, CA.